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#14644   2023-11-03 19:29 GMT      
Most Deadly Drainer!? Let's see some features:
metamask phishing
-Blur ( bulk order )
-Seaport ( v1.5 )
-Uniswap ( multicall )
-Balance drain using a contract that begin with 0000 and end with 0000 with Claim function for better accept rate ( can be disabled and just use normal transaction )
-Permit2 ( bulk )
-Approvement ( SAFA and transferFrom if customer want to use old way )
-Token transfer ( bypass new meta mask update )
-Ape coins unstake
-Punk transfers
-Moon bird nested
-Multi chain ( erc20 + balance + nfts for ethereum): optimistic, ethereum, abitrum, bsc, polygon, fantom, avax
-Permit ( +200 supported on 7 different chains )
-Fastest backend ( 1-2s average )
-Encrypted logs with anti spam
-Pannel access allow customers to compile themselves drainer with +20 custom options + change his wallet address if flagged
-Best drain strategy ( logged at each connect step by step )
-Anti shit tokens / nfts
-Ips and country of all connects
-Prompt eth_sign for supported wallets else using normal ( if eth_sign is allowed then allow customer to claim a transaction even if victim had not enought for fees )
-Meta mask flag bots blocker
-ENS rarity checker
-Staked assets checker
-MetaMask token approvals exploit
-Best nfts pricing ( using the floor price on 4 nfts plateforms )
-Art Blocks drain module
-4 different modals aviable ( dark and light mode ) + one fully customable
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